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“The world needs new ecological wisdom and the honoring of earth and body that the Divine Feminine implants. It needs to embrace the consciousness of we, the image of the web, the interconnection and interrelatedness that are central to women experience and that Sacred Feminine experience only deepens. And finally, the world needs the vision and courage to dismantle hierarchies of power. It needs to be faced with its injustices, to hear voices that speak for the voiceless and powerless. It needs conscious women. Conscious men, too.”

Sue Monk Kidd

mgr Psych. Katarzyna Wach
About me

I am a social psychologist, Jungian analyst and a Swiss licensed psychotherapist. I grew up in Poland and have lived in Switzerland since 2007, and I am a mother of a young son. My private practice is in Zurich.


I work with adults from diverse communities. Many of the people I work with are expatriates struggling with adjustment to the demands of Swiss culture and rules without neglecting their own cultural background.
I also consult with parents on the building of  positive and healthy relationships to their children, while also focusing on the everyday challenges of meeting their children`s needs without disregarding their own as people, parents, spouses, or partners.

My special interests lie mainly in the fields of:

  • Feminine spirituality and the feminist spiritual consciousness.

  • Patriarchy and its’ influence on our feminine and masculine identities.

  • Relationship dynamics between couples.

  • The awareness of body and its’ non-verbal language in the analytic setting.

  • The various forms of expression (painting, moving, writing, etc.) needed to engage the emotional life of a person.

While maintaining my practise, being a mother, I am also a member of ISAP organising committee for the Jungian Odyssey, an annual conference and retreat in Analytical Psychology.

“It was when I stopped searching for home within others

and lifted the foundations of home within myself

I found there were no roots more intimate

than those between a mind and body

that have decided to be whole.”

Rupi Kaur

“Psyche and body are not separate entities but one and the same life.”

Carl Gustav Jung


Diploma in Analytical Psychology, 2017.

International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich — ISAP Zurich.

Diploma in Psychology, Social Psychology, 2007.

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw.


Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration Management, 2002.

Jagiellonian University in Cracow.

Professional memberships

International Association for Analytical Psychology — IAAP.

Association of Graduates in Analytical Psychology — AGAP.

International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich — ISAP Zurich.

Association of Swiss Psychotherapists — ASP.



Private practise since 2014.

Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich PUK (“Burghölzli“), 2016.

Swiss Red Cross, Villa Vita, Outpatient Psychosocial Care in Zürich, 2014 - 2016.

Psychosomatic Rehabilitation Clinic Sonneneck in Badenweiler, 2013.

Upcoming talks

Where? AGAP Forum: Collective Shadows and Individual Suffering: Implications for Our Practice?

AGAP - Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists

When? June 8-13, 2022

Looking into cultural complexes and body politics of gender, sexuality and race in the light of contemporary social movements. Jungian Psychology in 21st century: Questions, Reflections, Explorations.

The vast of intersectional injuries and complexes we meet in our practice every day which derive from our culture, as Samuel Kimbels observed, are seen by our Jungian tradition as exogamous for the development of the individual and its influence on the individuation process is often overlooked. My interest in what is going on in justice movements around the body made me think of parallels to our fundaments of analytical psychology we stand on and our own history and injuries within the Jungian tradition around gender, sexuality and race. This talk is an opening discussion with others who are also interested in deepening these thoughts and reflecting on how analytical psychology can integrate aspects of these topics, so essential to a practice today for all our clients as well as for our community. Can we individuate together?

Where? ISAP Zurich training program fall semester 2022 (ISAPZURICH)

When? November 8, 2022 13:00-14:45


Cultural complexes & body politics of gender.

Through looking at the Greek Myth of silent Philomela and her transformation, this lecture explores connecting with the dark feminine and using one’s own voice in the redemption of trauma.

Past talks

Where? ISAP Zurich training program spring semester 2021 (ISAPZURICH)

When? May 4, 2022 15:00-16:45


Jungian Psychology in 21st century: Questions, Reflections, Explorations.

Looking into cultural complexes and body politics of gender, sexuality and race in the light of contemporary social movements.

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